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Abney Family


Family Totals


Newark, NJ

Family: 6

Parent: 2

Boys: 2

Girls: 2

Single Parent


Each One Help One Notes

The picture to the right is of Mrs. Abney, her two children and nephew.


All information in the below profiles were taken from an application that each of the families filled out.  All grammar has been kept in tact just the way the profiles were written.

Abney Family 

Non Profit Notes

Mrs. Nicole Abney is a mother of 3 beautiful children and her nephew that live with her and her husband. Mrs. Abney attended Burnet Street School (elementary) and Central High School. Mrs. Abney has resided in Baxter terrace housing complex since 7th grade elementary school (1989). Mrs. Abney has attended the Newark now family success center on several occasions; parenting workshops, countless volunteer work and the enrolling of her children in any event that the center has to offer to keep her children safe and off the streets. Mrs. Abney has been faced with many obstacles and still never fallen victim to her environment.

Meet the family

Ms Abney My family and I have been living at Baxter Terrace for 20 years.  I have three children. 2 girls and one boy.  Were a happy family overall.   Me and my husband do get to spend time together.
Eldest Daughter Aquilla 14 - My oldest daughter is 14, she is really into school and all she really could use is a computer.  We know it would be expensive, so any computer would be fine.
Son Tyquan 8 = My son is 8 and all he is interested in games.  No more, no less.
Youngest Quadasia 4- My youngest girls is 4. She was born weighting 11 pds 5 oz. So she is spaced.  She love to read, nothing more that I would like for her to have is learning games.
Son  Rakeem 14- I also have my 14 yr old nephew that I take care of. He has a bed wettin problems so nothing more that I would like for him to have is clothes.





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