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Hines Family


Family Totals


Newark, NJ

Family: 5

Parent: 0

Grandparent: 1

Boys: 2

Girls: 2

Single Parent


Each One Help One Notes

Ms. Hines is a grandmother to her daughters 4 children.  Ms. Hines daughter died last year from breast cancer which went into remission, but then came back as brain cancer. 


All information in the below profiles were taken from an application that each of the families filled out.  All grammar has been kept in tact just the way the profiles were written.


Thank you all for supporting this family, their registry has been fulfilled. Their Holiday will be made so much more special as a result of your kindness and generosity. 

Hines Family

Non Profit Notes

 Ms. Hines is one of our grandparents that comes to the center often.  She's also employed with Newark Now.  She helps keep the center clean and fresh.  Ms. Hines is one of our parent advocates at Newark Now Family Success Center.  Ms Hines is a graduate of our Parenting workshops as well as a great asset to the team.  Ms Hines children attends every activity that the center has for the youth. 


Ms Hines lives at the Seth Boyden Projects in a one bedroom apartment.  The family success center is trying to help her get a larger home.

Meet the family

Ms. Hines  I am taking care of my grandchildren and I love them.
Davion  Davion - 9  He very intelligent and he love to play different games on his playstation 2.  He could use boots and loves tv
Diamond  Diamond - 6 She is a very sweet and smart girl.  She love to read and write stories. she also could use boots books a computer for learning and anything arts and crafts.
Richard  Richard - 1 He is a baby boy.  At the age of 1  he could use some clothes and toys for learning.


 Destiny - 5  She is sweet and just like to play with dolls and make-up.  She could use some boots to, books, makeup kits playstation games played by hand, kid computer games for learning numbers and letters.





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