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Johnson Family


Family Totals


Newark, NJ

Family: 5

Parent: 1

Boys: 2

Girls: 2

Single Parent


Each One Help One Notes

Ms. Johnson is a woman with a huge heart.  When a friend of hers told her that Ms. Hunter was recently burned out of her home, Ms. Johnson opened her home to Ms. Hunter and her family. 


All information in the below profiles were taken from an application that each of the families filled out.  All grammar has been kept in tact just the way the profiles were written.

Non Profit Notes

Ms Johnson, has been utilizing the Family Success Center for the past two years.  Her children participated and completed the twelve weeks Youth Violent Provision Program and received a certificate.  Ms Johnson also appreciated the services that were provided to her through the Family Success Center, such as the Coat and Comforter giveaway and the onsite food pantry which was much needed due to the loss of her job it really helped her to better care for the needs of her family. Ms. Johnson recently came into the center depressed about the upcoming holidays because of the recent loss of her mother and stated to Ms Ellis that her holidays would no longer be the same.  But thanks to the Each One Help One organization and the smiles on her children’s faces when they were shopping online, she had a change of heart about the upcoming holidays.


Meet the family

My name is LaToya Johnson, single mother of five children who is in desperate need of assistance.  My family lost my mom in which are their grandmother and we are trying to cope with this drastic lost and with that lost, I also lost my job , that made it pretty hard for me to handle the financial aspects of life, I have two sons and three daughters ages 14, 10, 6, 5, 7.


I currently live in Newark, actually Bradley Courts.  I lived in Newark for twenty eight years of my life.


My family is quite big, I have four children and a foster daughter, so I have 5 children. 3 girls and 2 boys.


My foster daughter is grateful for what is given.  They all are actually.


All my children could use girl bike and boy bike for all, under clothes for all. Long johns for all. Hat and scarf sets for all. Gloves for all. Coats for all.



(5 yr old) My baby son scooter, bike, leapfrog, .  


(7 yr old) My oldest son would love a bike, Playstation or a hand held game PSP

(10 yr old) would love a bike and clothing, etc.


My 14 year old would coat boots, clothing, etc.





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