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Marsh Family


Family Totals


Newark, NJ

Family: 5

Parent: 1

Boys: 2

Girls: 2

Single Parent


Each One Help One Notes

Ms Marsh lives in Baxter Terrace and has lived there for 27 years.  She is engaged and is looking forward to her life.


All information in the below profiles were taken from an application that each of the families filled out.  All grammar has been kept in tact just the way the profiles were written.

Non Profit Notes


Ms. Tanya Marsh is a single mother of 4, with the help of her family and community organizations she has strived to be the best parent that she can be, and what a wonderful job she has done raising her children in an environment where poverty and crime is at an all time high. Ms. Marsh has been a resident of the Baxter terrace housing complex since childhood and has seen the poverty level skyrocket since her days of adolescence. The Newark now family success center has been of great assistance to Ms. Marsh in her times of need because it takes a village to raise a child and to raise several children it takes the help of the family success center. Ms. Marsh is also furthering her education at Essex County College in Design.


Meet the family

I have four children, two girls 14&10 and two boys 13&3.  My girls are into fashion and jewelry and my oldest son is into science and magic.  The youngest is a typical three year old who loves being on he computer and watching tv.

Zaire 3- My youngest son is three he loves everything Spiderman. but his biggest interest right now is the computer.  He loves playing the soft designed for kids his age.  He would love anything computer related, game playschool etc...

Zhane 10, My youngest daughter is 10, she's in the 4th grade and her interest are art singing and doing hair. She would love art supplies, anything high school musical pajamas.

Alshadirah 14 - My oldest daughter is 14, she is a freshman at central high school where her interests are modeling, cheerleading and being on the phone.  She would love sewing patterns for clothes or pocketbooks, more game for ps2 some girl accessories, pajamas



Al-Quadir 13 - My oldest son is 13, he's in the eight grade an his interest are robotics, science magic and cooking. he has his own web site where he shows off his magic skills and he's a member of his schools robotics team and loves video games.  He would love cars of robots, he can put together.  more ps2 or wii games pajamas legos or building stuff.







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