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Hunter Family


Family Totals


Newark, NJ

Family: 5

Parent: 1

Boys: 1

Girls: 3

Single Parent


Each One Help One Notes

Ms. Hunter recently was burned out of her home. 


Her eldest daughter Nataya, 17 is currently enrolled to become a medical assistant.  Nataya also has a newborn baby one year old. 


All information in the below profiles were taken from an application that each of the families filled out.  All grammar has been kept in tact just the way the profiles were written.


Thank you all for supporting this family, their registry has been fulfilled. Their Holiday will be made so much more special as a result of your kindness and generosity.


Non Profit Notes

Ms. Hunter,  Son has brought to her attention that there was a Family Success Center in Bradley Court.  There were several trips that the children of Bradley Court attended and that he also wanted her to go with him, such as the Rockets Christmas show. 


Once hearing about the trips the children were going on, Ms Hunter decided to come to the family Success Center herself, in which she learned about the services that were provided. Not only did she utilize the services but her daughter Nataya also came to the family success center.  Two weeks ago the Hunter family experienced a fire that lead them to becoming homeless.  Barely escaping with nothing on their backs they turned to the centers site coordinator, Ms. Ellis, to assist them with the process of relocation.  So when the Each One Help One organization contacted Newark now, Ms Hunter was the first to come to mind and was very appreciative of the help received.  The joy of the thought of someone caring of the happiness of her and her family in their time of need brought tears to her eyes and she was greatly appreciative.


Ms. Hunter is a sweet and god fearing woman who loves her family very much.  When she lost her home on November 3rd, her only concern was that her children were ok.


Ms Hunter has 3 children, a son and two daughters, her oldest daughter also has a daughter.  Ms. Hunter has lived in Newark all her life.


Meet the family


My family were in a fire early this month, no one was at home at the time and when I received a phone call I as told my apartment was destroyed by fire, water and smoke. 


But I manage to stay strong and keep my head up for my children and myself as well. I have a small family that I work hard on trying to keep them from being children that don't care of respect other people or themselves  I have 3 children and one granddaughter who I truly love.


Lenord 15 - Son


He has ADD and he likes sports and he also loves riding bikes. One thing he always talks about is a PSP Game , or Nintendo DS but I could not afford it at this time. He could also use some warm clothes and shoes to keep him warm during the winter.


Taylor 1 year old- Granddaughter


At his point she is just beginning to grow so she really needs some clothes and some toys would be nice to keep her busy. 



Nataya - 17 Daughter


Nataya is my daughter and Taylors mother and at this point in time she likes reading and she also is interested in a Nintendo DS for herself.  Nataya would also hope for clothes and games for Taylor


Nyshia - 12 Daughter


Nyshia is a very smart young girl. She loves to read and she also helps with her brother with his work as well.  One of the things she likes is the Nintendo DS game but like my son, I could not afford one.


Nyshia was at an after school program when we were at the center, and could not have her picture taken






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