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To our friends:


We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you who participated in this years holiday drive.

For these ten families, your kindness, compassion and generosity will forever leave a lasting impression of what true unselfishness really means. Not only have you given of your time and money, but you have given hope to these people and the certainty that there truly are people out there that care for the welfare of others.

We are so very grateful for all of your help and generosity, especially in these uncertain economic times. We wish you all a very happy holiday season and a happy, healthy new year.


With Love

Cherie, Jon, Dylan, Lauren and Jeremy


Dear Friends:


As difficult as the world seems to all of us right now, it's easy to forget how fortunate we actually are.  This holiday season is a great time to remember to share what we can with others who are not as fortunate.  In this season of giving, Jon, Dylan, Lauren, Jeremy and I would like to take the opportunity to share with all the people we love, a chance to help those who need so much more than we.

I have had the opportunity to meet personally with many of the
parents and their children and experience how our gifts to them will shine a light of hope in each their lives. I hope you are able to join us in this season of giving. 


Patrick Borowsky, the founder of Each One Help One,  has partnered with Target to facilitate your gifting.  You can read a family profile, view their gift list and order a present through the Target gift registry.  That gift will be sent directly to me for display under the tree on 20 December

All gifts will be delivered to the families by 22 December; to facilitate this effort, it would be extremely helpful if you shop early and arrange for gifts to arrive by 19 December.  Please be aware of items that are out of stock or not available to ship in time, and avoid those items.  If you do not want to purchase a gift online, you can print the family gift registry page and bring it with you when you go shopping at

Thank you. Thank you for you generous spirit and support this holiday season...we so look forward to seeing you on the 20th.




If you have any questions, email me;

and please let us know what you think.

Family w/ 3 girls

Click here for Profile

Jones Family 

Happy family w/ 4 children

Click here for profile

Hart Family

Family of 5

Click here for Profile

McCray Family 

Talented family of 5

Click here for Profile

Marsh Family

Large family w/4 children

Click here for Profile

Johnson Family

Only married family of 6

Click here for Profile

Abney Family 

Family of 7

Click here for Profile

Ingram Family 

Grandmother who's daughter died of Breast Cancer fulfilled

Click here for Profile

Hines Family Registry Fulfilled 

Lost home to fire!

Click here for Profile

Hunter Family Registry Fulfilled. 

Beautiful family w/3 girls

Click here for Profile

Cummings Family Registry  fulfilled. 


12/14 update: If you are just ordering now, please either ship overnight, or print out a family list and purchase whatever items you desire, or similar items, at any retailer (Walmart, Target, K-mart); then bring your gifts the night of the party.  Thank you once again for your time and generosity.















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